Paddles ON! x UNPAINTED 

Last week, the Paddles ON! crew traveled to Munich for UNPAINTED, the first-ever international fair dedicated to media art. We were excited to participate in the panel 'Bringing Art into the Auction House' with curator Lindsay Howard, Phillips’s Megan Newcome, Paddle8’s Dave Harper, artist Rafaël Rozendaal, and BMW’s Thomas Girst. 

The fair was a blast and we met some incredible artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, and art lovers from all over the world who are committed to both preserving the history of digital art and introducing the next wave. Some of our favorite booths at the fair included: bitforms (New York), DAM Gallery (Berlin), Galerie Charlot (Paris), Haleh Gallery (Munich), MU (The Netherlands), Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles), and XPO Gallery (Paris).

Enjoy these pics from the fair…auf Wiedersehen, München, see you next year!

Sad to have missed this! Stay tuned for more exciting news and events from the Paddles ON! team. 


Best new app of the year

Did anyone else used to do this with their old Nokia phones in middle school?  I used to put on the preset Mexican Hat Dance ringtone and it would glide across the gym floor and we would all dance to it like our own little technowave wind up doll. WHO KNEW someone else shared my nostalgia???