Had to have at least one of George W. Bush’s paintings on my blog.

Hey W, if you’d like to learn about how to maximize your artist presence on Tumblr: CALL ME.





Gerhard Richter.
Painting. 2012. Centre Georges Pompidou - Beaubourg, Paris.

Kind of flattered that someone thought this was made by Gerhard Richter. Somebody actually sent me an e-mail telling me I should correct the credit and remove my name.

Here is the source


Where do these lies come from? Maybe Gerhard himself is somewhere out there relabeling artwork on tumblr…

Could be. No comment, but buy a work by Richter Adam Ferris now!


Hahaha I own a print of this. Like actually! I have really good taste, of course.


Phillip Stearns & the Year of the Glitch

This month, Tumblr took part in a project called Art Takes Times Square, where Artists Wanted gave us the opportunity to feature a Tumblr artist on a Times Square billboard. We chose Phillip Stearns from Year of the Glitch. Tonight (Monday, June 18, 7-11pm), check out Stearns’ “DCP Series” far larger than life above the Times Square crowds (plus a performance by Twin Shadow). Stearns lives in Brooklyn and works out of a studio in Bushwick. He currently has work available at Eyebeam and showing at Camera Club New York. Before you go though, wouldn’t it be enlightening to learn just how Stearns creates his work?

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I wrote a thing! Glitch Art be crazy.